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If you are not accustomed to regular exercise start walking. Outdoor walking with swinging the arms (military walk style) at your comfortable paste 15 min daily for one week. The next week increase your time to 20 min daily and continue for whole week. The following week increase further to 25 min daily and continue for whole week. Walking may be substituted with bicycling (stationary bicycle is preferable). Ultimate exercise program is designed on individual basis and are discussed during the virtual consultation with Dr. Gribbin.

Exercise prescription will vary. Arthritis, back pain, cardiac problems, lungs conditions, hypertension, weakness, numbness and other neurological conditions will require very specific prescription designed on individual basis. Exercise should improve muscle strength and muscle mass, cardiovascular and pulmonary performance, improved mobility and calories loss. Aerobic, supra-aerobic, isometric, isotonic and isokinetic exercises are paired with exercises which will improve the body shape (core exercises and lower or upper extremity limbering) are recommended on individual basis.