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Pain Due to a Car Accident

If the pain you are experiencing is the result of having been in a car accident, Comprehensive Pain and Regenerative Center will offer you treatment options that can return you to your usual daily activities at home and at work.

Car accidents can be very debilitating and cause serious injuries. These unfortunate events do occur frequently but for an individual involved in a car accident it is anything but ordinary. For some a car accident can be traumatizing. In addition, there are injuries and serious pain during and well after the accident. Car accidents are a shock to the body due to the forceful nature of the impact. Your pain can show up right after the accident or you may have an onset of pain weeks later. This pain can linger and cause you to struggle with the simplest of activities.

Dr. Dorota Gribbin, at Comprehensive Pain and Regenerative Center will provide you with a thorough evaluation of your injuries and can bring you the relief you seek from debilitating pain. Her skill at noninvasive pain relief can help to eliminate your pain and regain your strength without subjecting you to surgery or other invasive and risky procedures. Dr. Gribbin understands that you have been traumatized, not only by being in an accident but also by the lingering pain from your injuries. Her goal at Comprehensive Pain and Regenerative Care is to help you return to a healthy and active life.

Pain Due to an Accident at Work

The pain you are experiencing may be the result of an accident you had in the workplace. Heavy lifting, bending, twisting, poor posture, and repetitive work: all these activities can cause an injury leaving you to deal with debilitating pain. Dr. Dorota Gribbin of Comprehensive Pain and Regenerative Center will evaluate the source of your pain and offer a range of solutions from physical therapy to treatments to noninvasive procedures for pain relief.

Workplace injuries can occur with great frequency, Dr. Gribbin and her staffs are able to help with the assessment and impairment issues along with insurance issues of workplace injuries. Her goal is to evaluate and treat so that you can return to good health. Dr. Gribbin understands the loss and hindrance of workplace injuries. She will guide you to your journey to wellness.

Disability Evaluations

Dr. Dorota Gribbin is frequently involved in the assessment of impairment, and disability, as a treating physician. She performs evaluation and consultation or acts as an independent medical examiner.

The key elements of her assessment include a comprehensive clinical evaluation and appropriate standardized testing to establish the diagnosis. The then results are characterizing by the severity of the impairment, and will communicate the patient’s abilities, restrictions, and need for accommodation and treatment.

In some cases, a functional capacity evaluation performed by a physical or occupational therapist or a neuropsychological evaluation performed by a neuropsychologist may be required to further clarify the functional capacity of the patient.